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Re: Why "stiffening" girder or truss?

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I think the reason for that is that its main purpose is to stiffen the deck which, in this case is being carried by the suspension system, which is a very flexible system. Considering that the cable hangers are spaced not very far apart, then you don't need a stiff girder or a truss. But since you need to stiffen the deck, then you need to have stiff girders or trusses which, in most cases are deep.
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Date: Friday, September 29, 2000 11:26 AM
Subject: Why "stiffening" girder or truss?

The girder or truss for cable supported bridges are called "stiffening girder or truss".
However, I could not understand why the giders are called "stiffening girder" rather than just girder.
Does anybody know the meaning of "stiffening" ?
Why is it called stiffening girder?
Thanx in advance
H Gil