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RE: HS bolts

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The correct specification for A307 anchor rods is F1554-36 ksi.  The
allowables should be predicated on A36 material as opposed to A307.  A 307
bolts have machine forged heads and require additional testing as a bolt
product.  This will include testing of the bolt head according to the A307
specification.  F1554-36 ksi anchor bolts will generally have threaded ends
and will use a nut for anchorage.  

Longer headed bolts can be manufactured by forming the heads using a
"hot-head" process, but that is generally more expensive and less reliable
than using a nut on a threaded rod.

F1554- 36 ksi bolts are generally made to order and have no typical length.

I have used HS anchor bolts (F1554 - 105 ksi) many times on commercial,
industrial, and heavy industrial structures.  They are very common in the
petrochemical and vessel and tank industry.

Harold Sprague

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> Does anyone know why high strength bolts are not
> typically used for anchor bolts?  Also, what's the
> maximum readily available length of a typical
> headed anchor bolt (A307)?
> Mark Pemberton, P.E..