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RE: free internet access

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I had been subscribed to Freewwweb for a while, until they filed Chapter 11 
and was acquired by Juno.  Freewwweb was great --- you didn't *have* to use 
their proprietary software, nor did you have to use Windoze, nor was your www 
browsing cluttered with advertisements.  From what I understand, Juno 
*requires* that you use their proprietary software and use Windoze, and, if 
you disable ad display, you are billed for the service.

On another list that I subscribe to, the current free ISP of interest now is 
One Nation Online (  They don't have a local access number 
where I am located (Tucson, Arizona), so I have no personal experience with 

Apparently a number of these "free" ISP's "share" the same local access 
telephone numbers.  People who had subscribed to Freewwweb and changed to 
1NOL when Freewwweb went belly-up have commented that the local access number 
was the same as Freewwweb's.

It probably would be a good idea to maintain service with a paid subscription 
ISP (one that has different rates for hours of usage per month), together 
with a free service ISP as the free ones can disappear quickly.  The first 
hint that I got about Freewwweb going belly-up was posts on the other 
listservice that I subscribe to.  The first "official" notification was when 
I logged onto Freewwweb and got a message from Juno that they had acquired 
the service.  Mail that had been sent to a Freewwweb address wasn't available 
unless you subscribed to Juno.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Greg Smith wrote:

>>     I was just looking into some of the companies that offer free -
unlimmited internet access.  Has anyone on the list been down this road?  It
would be informative for all (and cheaper) if there is a really good free
server that works right.<<