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Re: modeling cables with SAP2K

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First of all, you need to know SAP 2000 Nonlinear (note: you need to have
this particular version of SAP2K, but not those SAP2000 PLUS...etc.) is
really not a good
software in modelling or doing analysis of cables. Personally, I have just
come accross the same problem a few weeks ago. Anyways, hope the followings
can help you.

1> DEFINE-->NLLINK PROPERTIES, where you choose HOOK besides the icon TYPE.
Also you need to define all the properties of the cables, such as weight,
mass etc. If you want the cable to take tension only, under DIRECTIONAL
PROPERTIES, you need to click U1 and NONLINEAR and defone the stiffness of
cable by clicking MODIFY/SHOW FOR U1.

2> DRAW--> DRAW NLLINK ELEMENT, where you draw the cables in the proper
position in the structure.

3> Highlight the element you just draw and ASSIGN--> NLLINK

4> Because these nonlinear element are valid in TIME HISTORY CASES only,
which means if you run the design in STATIC LOAD CASES as normal, it will
not show the cable (tension) force. So you need to define the TIME HISTORY
CASES under DEFINE. So, when you read the output, you will see the cable
only taking tansion.


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Subject: modeling cables with SAP2K

> Hi,
> How can I model cables in SAP2k? Thanks.
> Ghassem