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Re: static loads

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For a trapezoidal load that is uniform at the 1/6 points of the span, the
bending moment is about 96% that of a completely uniform load. Not worth
the effort. If it is at the 1/3 points, the moment is about 85%, which
probably is worth the effort.

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, [Windows-1252] Tomás Matta wrote:

> I'm a young engineer who just recently started to work, so I have a lot of questions, one of which is: how do most of you experienced guys input static loads to the analysis software you use?  When you have to assign loads to a beam, do you use trapezoidal shaped distributed loads?  Do you input uniform distributed loads?  In SAP2000 the time you save inputing uniform instead of trapezoidal loads is considerable.  Is the extra work worth it?
> Thanks in advance
> Tomas Matta