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Re: static loads

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Same message as before.  Don't know if it went through or not.

Seeing as you are young (how wonderful to be young again), as much as
possible I suggest you take the long route before you take the short
cut.  First know how to do it correctly, then look for short cuts.  Stay
in the office in the evening on occassion and do things both ways.  You
will start to develop your own sense of when it is appropriate to take a
short cut and when not to.

Even if you are presented with a short cut that say, your supervisor
wants you to employ.  Follow the procedure as you were directed.  But on
your own time, try it taking the long path.  If you don't do this I
believe you will be short changing the intuition you should develop in
the long run.

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA 

=?Windows-1252?Q?Tom=E1s_Matta?= wrote:
> I'm a young engineer who just recently started to work, so I have a
> lot of questions, one of which is: how do most of you experienced guys
> input static loads to the analysis software you use?  When you have
> to assign loads to a beam, do you use trapezoidal shaped distributed
> loads?  Do you input uniform distributed loads?  In SAP2000 the time
> you save inputing uniform instead of trapezoidal loads is
> considerable.  Is the extra work worth it?
> Thanks in advance
> Tomas Matta