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RE: [AEC-Residential] Review Of General Notes For Wood Design Project

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To: All SEAINT and AEC-Residential List members
Re: Forum for the creation of General Notes and Specifications

We have been discussing creating Structural specifications and general notes
for use by engineering offices. Notes will be created in categories
(General, Wood, Foundations, Concrete etc.) which will be posted on The
Structuralist.Net website at the URL address listed below. You are invited
to participate in the creation of the database of notes which can be
downloaded, modified for your specific needs and compiled into the CAD
program you use or simply cut and pasted.


Creating an ideal General Notes sheet would be easy to do. I'll start
putting my notes together in DOC and TXT format by category - for those who
want to import it into drawings. If you want to contribute, please email me
your contributions at admin(--nospam--at) and I'll combine them into
what I have.

I took a few minutes to create a "Specifications and Notes - Structural"
category on The Structuralist.Net Discussion forum. You can access the forum

You must register on this Discussion forum to participate. The forum is
hidden from all who have not registered. This is only to prevent misuse of
this forum which accepts uploads of small files. Knowing where the files
originate is one way to prevent unwanted viruses in my opinion.

A short note about registration. Your registration does create a profile
that other users can see if they click on the profile icon in any message
that you post. You can restrict your e-mail address from being posted by
clicking on Hide in the registration setup. Your password is also protects.
I only ask that you put your correct name in the registration so that I know
who you are and who is participating in creating the Specifications.

I'll start posting notes by Thursday or sooner.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

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