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Re: Relocating a Steel Tank

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>I would think the cost of
>relocating an existing tank would far exceed the cost of having a new one
>installed.  Am I right?
What you're describing is the cost of careful disassembly of old metal, cleaning, transport and reassembly balanced against the cost of assembly less scrap value of the old tanks. All you save by salvaging the old tanks is the cost of the metal which is the very cheapest component of the whole tank. 

My recollection is that pressure vessel steel is 25-30¢/lb while the finished vessel is 5 or 10 times that, the mark-up being fabrication. Salvaging the old tanks means twice the fabrication cost of a new tank at a savings of maybe 1/5 the cost of a new tank. The exact figures have probably changed a lot from the last time I did such an estimate, but I bet they haven't changed enough to invalidate the conclusion.

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