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RE: hole in steel web

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I would check the shear in the cross section with the material from the 
hole in the web removed. A FEM seams like a over kill for something like 
this. If I am missing something I  want to here about it.


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Francisco Duarte wrote:
> Does anyone have any info. concerning drilling a hole in a steel web.
> I have a W18X50 and the contractor wants to drill a hole 31/2 inches in
> diameter in tithe web.
> What should I be concert in this situation. Any info will be greatly
> appreciated.
> million thanks,
> F. Duarte, EIT.

The only answer I can give is more questions:
What is the loading on the beam?
What is the application?
What is the criticality?
WHY is the hole being drilled?
WHERE is the hole? Center of the web?  How close to the connection?
What is the connection?

If I couldn't "eyeball" it in as a non-critical feature (do I feel
comfortable enough to sign off by inspection), I'd probably knock out a
quick solid model of the beam, add in the hole, mesh it, apply the
loadings, run the FEA, and see what the stresses/deflections
are....about a half hour's work max, providing I could extract the
loadings easily.  Roarke's and other strength of material references
(more advance than the undergrad texts) can give you the methods for
doing it by hand.

Bart Kemper, PE