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Re: 96 BOCA Unbalanced Snow Loading

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Zachary Goswick wrote:

<<96 BOCA building code that says "except that this is not required for
solid web, single-span beams or single-span frames with solid webs."  Does
anybody know why these specific types of structures were singled out to not
receive unbalanced snow loading?>>


I'm not familiar with the BOCA Code but here's my take for what it's worth:

For single span trusses, one of the things that unbalanced loading could do
is cause stress reversal in web members. Web members designed for tension
only might have buckling problems if they are loaded in compression. This
problem doesn't occur for single span solid web members. For them,
unbalanced loading just changes the shear distribution along the length of
the beam. In fact shear is often lowered if live load is removed to give the
unbalanced condition.

John MacLean