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RE: hole in steel web

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First thing is first,  make sure that the penetration through your beam is
the contractor's last option.  Sometimes the contractor goes to the
structural engineer first because he/she will allow modification.  If it is
a mechanical penetration, have the contractor verify with the mechanical
people that this is the only option.  Sometimes moving a duct is not as bad
as maybe having problems later with your beam.  After you burn a hole
through the beam the coating for the beam is also taken out, this may cause
the beam to rust at a later time.

If this is your only option,
First you should be concerned of the location of the penetration.  You do
not want to be near a support or near a point load from above the beam.
Second you should try to locate the penetration at the middle of the web.
Check AISC, they have a general guide to beam penetrations.

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Subject: hole in steel web

Does anyone have any info. concerning drilling a hole in a steel web.
I have a W18X50 and the contractor wants to drill a hole 31/2 inches in
diameter in tithe web.
What should I be concert in this situation. Any info will be greatly
million thanks,
F. Duarte, EIT.