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Code Interpretation Forum now added

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I have added a Code Interpretation Forum to the Structuralist.Net
Professional Discussion Forum. Often questions arise in plan review that
depends on an interpretation in the code. Members are free to post questions
related to plan review and other professionals are encouraged to provide
arguments (pro and con) on the issues. Please make the Subject of the
question as concise (code section concerned should be in the title) as
possible and the issue clearly stated.
Discussions will remain on the forum to allow others who may have similar
corrections address them based on professional consensus.

You must be registered with the Structuralist.Net discussion forums listed
below to participate, however anyone can view the issues on the board
without registration. Follow the instructions below to access the sight.

Example Question:

Subject: 97 UBC 1921.3.3 for Plywood Shearwalls on Concrete Slab Foundation

I received a call from a local engineer yesterday who wanted my opinion on a
plan check correction he received. The plan checker asked him to provide
Hoops (#3 shear ties) around the continuous steel rebar within a thickened
edge foundation of a slab on grade for each conventional plywood shearwall
installed - or to submit an analysis showing that it was not needed.
The project is in Seismic zone 4. The shearwalls are typically low capacity
walls (around 350-plf) and the resistance to uplift is by use of Simpson
PAHD or HPAHD Tension Straps - range of about 2200 to 4500 lbs.

The plan check agency is requiring compliance at the slab edge to the
provisions for a Flexural Members of Frames - Transverse Reinforcement.

My opinion to the engineer was this provision was intended for use by grade
beams designed to transfer moment from the base of a frame into the grade
beam and is inappropriate for a conventional plywood shearwalls at
continuous foundations.

My argument is that the wood wall can not develop moment in the foundation
through a strap - this is not a rigid connection, there fore the foundation,
which may develop a small flexure is much stronger than the wall tension
connection which would fail much earlier than the concrete acting in

Any arguments pro or con on applying this section of code for conventional
plywood shear walls?

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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