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Re: Software MATLAB

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Enny -

One warning about the student version:  it has a limited matrix size.  
If your assignments are complicated enough to actually require matlab, 
you will probably need the buy the full version.  It's only about 
$200US (at least last I checked) for a PC, which is about 1.5 
textbooks these days.  Not that this is terribly cheap, mind, just 
the reality.  

If you are doing symbolic math, too, you probably ought to consider 
mathematica (also about $200US, but for a fully-fuctional student 
version) or possibly mathcad, although there are limits to mathcad 
symbolic capabilities [as I discovered to my dismay in a symbolic 
math class when trying to confirm that I remembered how to integrate.  
I did, mathcad didn't.  no program can be perfect.  ;-)].

Alternatively, it's not too hard to write a program that solves the equations
yourself.  It'll probably even come up in your curriculum.
And compilers are *lots* cheaper than plug-n-chug software.  ;-)
There are several good free ones offered by the GNU free software 
foundation, with ports to windows via the cygwin distribution (also 
free).  Check out and for more info.  

(who went through this software buying thing all too recently)

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