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Re: Greetings!

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Hi Arman,

With regards to the modulus of subgrade reaction, Bowles recommends this value
to be 40(SF)qa in kPa and 120(SF)qa is kips/square foot; where "qa" is the
soil's allowable bearing capacity in the respective units and "SF" is the safety
factor calculation from SF=qu/qa.


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> Subject: Greetings!
> Dear fellow engineers!
> Greetings!
> I am Arman Rivera, a practicing structural engineer in the Philippines.  Our
> firm recently purchased the software Staad Pro 2000 and from the limited
> hands-on I have had on it, this software is remarkable.  However, as I've
> been reading the manual that came with the software, I have many questions
> regarding it.  Is anybody familiar with Staad Pro 2000 that won't mind
> answering questions from a novice user?
> I've been using Staad Pro 2000 to design communication towers.  My first
> question is, should the tower be classified as SPACE or TRUSS?  What I've
> done is to treat it is a space and then assign the moment releases at the
> end of the diagonals and verticals only (not the main posts), so that these
> members would carry only axial forces.  Is this correct?
> My next question is on the support conditions.  I have modeled the mat
> foundation using finite elements in Staad Pro 2000.  I have defined the
> joint supports as ELASTIC MAT by specifying the modulus of subgrade
> reactions (kv).  Given the allowable soil bearing capacity, how is the
> modulus of subgrade reaction computed?
> I have many more questions regarding this software, any help you could give
> me would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> Arman S. Rivera
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