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RE: Certification of Structural Engineers

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I agree with your comments.The definition of SEI or SEII confuses 
me as well. 

For those of us in small offices, from my personal experiences, you 
have to be a 'Jack of all trades' and a 'Master of none.' Who 
determines my level of expertese? I spent 8 years analysing, 
design and testing electrical transmission line structures. Not 
exactly a life safety issue (unless you happen to be underneath it 
when it failed) but a finacial issue and public relations exercise 
when the power failed. That was predominately steel and am 99% wood.....

Then there is my favorate issue, overseas education and 
experience. Wood is wood, steel is steel, concrete is concrete etc, 
and the laws of physics are the same regardless of state or 
national boundaries. It was not that hard to pick up a copy of AISC 
steel construction manual, NDS or AIC 318 and see the similarities 
with Australian codes I "grew up" with.

Opps...forgot what I was getting at....I am unsure where the cut off 
will be.....I have not designed a structure the size of the "Petranes 
Towers" (excuse spelling) and I dont care if I ever do.....I enjoy the 
challenges I get with custom home construction, going on site if I am licensed as only a SEI... so be it....I just hope this 
2 tiered approach is not a 'chest beating' exercise to say I am 
better than you, just that our experiences are different.

What was I talking about.....confusion I think??

Peter (Confused) McCormack