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Building Code Development News

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I tried to send this earlier, but for some reason it appears to be lost in
cyber space.

I thought that I would pass on a bit of building code development news in an
effort to shine a little light on the code development process.  

I recently attended the first meeting of the ASCE 7 Earthquake Task
Committee for the next issue of the ASCE 7.  The current plan is to publish
an ASCE 7-02.

The NFPA will use the ASCE 7 as its reference for loads when its building
code comes out in 2002.  

The current intent for ASCE 7, ACI, and other referenced codes is to go on a
3 year update cycle that would conform to the building code 3 year update

The ICC would also like to use the ASCE 7 as a reference in the future, but
it probably will not happen until the ICC 2006 issue.  

The ICC is made up of the ICBO, BOCA, and the SBCCI.  The ICBO is having the
most heart burn about referencing standards.  The ICBO's (UBC) tradition is
to rewrite them in its code.  The BOCA and the SBCCI have a long tradition
of just referencing the ASCE 7, ACI, AISC, etc.

The code promulgating entities, materials representatives, and many of the
BSSC Technical Subcommittee chairs were invited to participate in the ASCE 7
Earthquake Task Committee process.  The meetings are open.

Harold Sprague