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RE: Blast Resistant Design

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H-2 explosion relief is required if you have combustible dusts.  The code is
designed for life safety.  As such explosion relief must be controlled which
requires explosion venting, or mechanical ventilation.  Just letting regular
building cladding blow off infers a lack of controlled venting.

H-2 explosion venting is also required if you have storage of Class I

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Blast Resistant Design
> I have an H-2 structure that contains an explosive process...
> BOCA (governing building code) refers me to the NFPA 68 dealing with blast
> questions are these:
> 1.  Does the H-2 classification require explosion resistant design?
> 2.  If so, the NFPA seems to indicate that you can vent or design the
> structure to resist the peak blast loading.  What's wrong with allowing
> the
> lightweight siding to "blow off" the building?  Is it because of danger to
> anyone who may be in the area or surrounding structures at the time?
> Obviously, if I can design the building with a steel skeleton and
> lightweight roofing/siding it will be considerably less expensive than a
> concrete/reinforced cmu structure designed to resist blast.
> I'm looking for guidance here.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> John Whitty, P.E.