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Re: hole in steel web

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Acie Chance wrote:
> Francisco
> I would check the shear in the cross section with the material from the
> hole in the web removed. A FEM seams like a over kill for something like
> this. If I am missing something I  want to here about it.

I agree...first check to see how the hole affects the beam's integrity
with a few hand calcs.  The FEM was if it was a critical application or
if the forces, moments, restraints, geometry, etc. made a hand calc
rather complex or requiring too many simplifying assumptions. Perhaps
I'm quick on the trigger...but I do FEM often enough I find I can often
get a good result from FEM quicker than researching for various
geometry-specific formulae, doing hand or MathCad calcs, etc.  I still
do a few hand calcs to backcheck my model results, though.  The driving
questions still remains...what is the application, where is the hole,

Bart Kemper.