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RE: Certification of Structural Engineers

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Is the NCSEA idea itended to supplement the PE, or is this intended to
eventually replace the PE for structural engineers?  In my state, WA, and
engineers must get their PE first, then get their SE.  While I suppose that
general knowledge is a virtue, it is a little difficult to justify to myself
why I spent an hour this morning studying road layouts (in preparation for
my PE exam) when I can say with relative certainty that I will never use it
other than on the exam.  In fact, since it is well outside of my specialty
and experience, I ethically could not use it in a professional context
despite the fact that I may be required to know it on the exam.  I realize
that 99% of the people on the list have gone through this effort already,
and I don't mean to complain about it, just to frame my questions and
explain why I ask about the proposed SE structure.  I would be much happier
to spend my time studying SE related topics that I feel can make me a better
engineer, rather than topics well outside of my field.  Much easier to
justify.  Imagine how much more proficient the SE community could be if they
were allowed to focus only on that, and not spend months studying
information they will never use.  

Paul Crocker