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"Arvind K. Bisarya" wrote:
> I  would rank this way
> one    SAP 2000
> Two   RISA 3D
>  and then there are many other and the BOTTOM  MOST ( Number one millon
> will be  STAAD)

To qualify this, the problems are two-fold:

1. The people at Research Engineers (publishers of STAAD) have not made the
effort to address bugs, many of them long-standing and well documented by users,
in the program. Some of these are related to methods of analysis and design, but
others are simply due to a poor implementation of STAAD on the Windows platform.

2. REI's support went from "okay" to "abyssmal". There are only TWO SOFTWARE
PUBLISHERS I've ever used whose support personnel have actually argued with me,
and told me that the problem was ME, not the software: Microsoft (Publisher and
Office) and REI (STAAD). Trying to get "support" out of REI is an adventure all
its own. Their support staff starts with the assumption that you are an idiot
and don't know what the **** you're doing.

The above are the primary reasons I'd NEVER recommend STAAD.