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i think i know what you mean.  

we had a representative of rei visit us one time for a seminar on fabricad (staad's steel detailing software) and in my  desperation for help, i literally yanked him into our office, sat him down in front of my computer and showed him what was happening with our staad pro 2000.  and still he wasn't much help.  he left with a promise that he'll look into it (i gave him a copy of my input file) and that he'll e-mail me.  he e-mailed me once and then he disappeared.

to give you a background, i was working on a staad model with 17,000 members!! (don't ask how i did the model) and after 16 hours of run time (again, don't ask) staad would give me a message that it could not create some file, it was not an error message, because after that message, staad would say that the run was completed and that the outfile file was ok.  but when i go into staad, no data was available!  there were no moments, forces, nothing.  16 hours of run time wasted!

the rei staff told me that it was my model, the 17,000 members was too much for the program to handle.  but i told him that the staad pro was an unlimited version, meaning it should be able to handle an unlimited number of members.  if that's the case, they shouldn't call it unlimited version, they should call it unlimited version (17,000 max).  

i never did finish that project, the owner, due to some other problem, put the entire project on hold, indefinitely.  this was two months ago, i resigned from that company and i don't i'll be working with 17,000+ members again.

and this is also why i did not contact rei for my queries on staad.


>To qualify this, the problems are two-fold:
>1. The people at Research Engineers (publishers of STAAD) have not made the
>effort to address bugs, many of them long-standing and well documented by users,
>in the program. Some of these are related to methods of analysis and design, but
>others are simply due to a poor implementation of STAAD on the Windows platform.
>2. REI's support went from "okay" to "abyssmal". There are only TWO SOFTWARE
>PUBLISHERS I've ever used whose support personnel have actually argued with me,
>and told me that the problem was ME, not the software: Microsoft (Publisher and
>Office) and REI (STAAD). Trying to get "support" out of REI is an adventure all
>its own. Their support staff starts with the assumption that you are an idiot
>and don't know what the **** you're doing.
>The above are the primary reasons I'd NEVER recommend STAAD.