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Re: RE: staad pro 2000

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>where did you bought your STAAD Pro program ?
>If you want SAP2000, we have a local distributor in the Philippines,
>by the name of Mr Romer Montoya, if you are a member of ASEP,
>you  could get his number with the ASEP Secretary ( forgot the
>number, sorry).. Price , last time I talked with him, about Php 150,000
>(kung hindi ako nagkakamali)...

we bought our staad pro 2000 from angel lazaro and associates (ala consulting engineers).

i personally have not tried sap 2000, but i have heard many (almost all positive) comments on it.  but i thought it was much more expensive than staad pro 2000, that's why we bought it instead of sap 2000.  we bought our staad at php 210,000, and the price of php 150,000 for sap 2000 is quite low i think.  

i know engr. montoya, i've met him personally, but i doubt if he remembers me.  actually, engr. tible, who was the president of asep last year, introduced me to engr. montoya in one of asep's gathering.  it was just a "hi, hello, how are you" meeting, nothing more.  i was under engr. tible for the last three years i was with dccd.

do you know if engr.montoya offers free training with the purchase of sap 2000?  does sap 2000 have a demo version i can toy around with?

>regrading modelling of two intesecting cross braces, youre right
>you cannot do it as two separate element, but is it really the case that 
>they are independent elements in actual structure? or does it have
>bolts (usually one bolt only) at the brace intersection? 
>if your structure is symmetrical in both directions, you could simplify
>your model by deleting the diagonal brace which will be in tension
>when subjected to lateral load in one direction , and just consider 
>the brace element  w/c will be in compression...  

i'm not quite sure i understand you.

what do you mean by "deleting"?  do you mean not include the braces, which are in tension, in the model and include only those members which will be in compression?  

>I think STAAD is a good program i, its just that different engineers
>have their own preferences...  

i think i'm partial to staad because it's the only software i've ever tried my hands on, aside from the ancient 2-d microfeap (does this still exist?)  as for the other programs, (sap 2000, risa-3d, etabs, robot millenium, etc) i've only heard about them.  

>John E. Alcaras PE(Civil) MASEP