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Re: staad pro and modulus of subgrade reaction

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Hi Arman,

I used Staad years ago but don't use it now.  I have never used Staadpro.  As most have said, the Tech Support has always been a problem.  I can't
recall what the Staad's units are for modulus of subgrade reaction, but all you need to do is set the units to metric using kN and m.  One kPa=
one kN/m^2.   I also think that there is a worked example in the user manual for the design of mats.

By the way, the value of kv or ks (Bowles's Foundation Analysis and Design) is 12(SF)qa in Kips/square foot; 120 was a typo.  This shouldn't have
affected you because you are using SI.


arman s rivera wrote:

> thanks for your reply nigel!
> are you familiar with staad pro?  is the value of the modulus that staad pro expects as input also in the unit of kpa?  (we use the si system)
> arman
> seaint(--nospam--at) wrote:
> >Hi Arman,
> >
> >With regards to the modulus of subgrade reaction, Bowles recommends this value
> >to be 40(SF)qa in kPa and 120(SF)qa is kips/square foot; where "qa" is the
> >soil's allowable bearing capacity in the respective units and "SF" is the safety
> >factor calculation from SF=qu/qa.
> >
> >Nigel.
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