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Current Structuralist.Net Services

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Our Website and Discussion forums (including our AEC-Residential Listservice
is beginning to grow rapidly. I want to summarize a few of the features and
let you, as professionals in the building industry, know what you can do to
participate or even advise those who have questions (both technical and

Public Site:
The Public website has not grown as fast I would like, however I am adding
to the Public Discussion forum. Topics currently including:
Choosing a Professional Engineer - including a discussion of Civil or
Professional engineers and Structural Engineers
Home Inspection Services - What not to expect by way of Structural
Construction Quality Issues - education as to prescriptive verses
full-compliance or engineered designs within the same code.
Alternative Housing issues - Owner Builder, Steel Stud, Earth Berm,
Strawbale, Alternative building solutions and what to expect in different
areas of the country.

Our public site is growing much more rapidly. On the website we currently
have the following documents:
1. Gary Searer's submittal to the SEAOC Seismology Committee "Evaluation of
the Reliability / Redundancy Factor - Rho"
2. "Two Tier Practice Act for Structural Engineer?s License" by John Shipp,
Bill Warren and Teresa Castle
3. "Proposal - Establishment of the Academy of Structural Engineering -
SEAOC Professional Licensing Committee" by Bill Warren - important document
that further defines the responsibilities between SE-I and II.
4. "The Case For Licensing for Structural Engineer" by Dr. Gene Corley
(SEAOI) which is an argument in favor of National Standards for licensing of
Structural Engineers.

The Code site contains:
1. "Revisions to the 97 Uniform Building Code Provisions" issues by the City
of San Jose which includes a simplified methodology for full-compliance
design of less than 3 story wood structures.
2. Forthcoming - City of Los Angeles - Information Document ST-12 - a
simplified methodology for full-compliance design which has the support of
50 surrounding cities.

Our Professional Discussion Forum is growing very rapidly. I have taken some
liberties to transfer what I believe to be popular threads from both the
SEAINT listservice (to avoid searching archives for this important data) and
the Eng-tips forum. In some cases, such as software issues, the posts
overlap and having them on one site allows users to come together to discuss
or debate issues.
The discussions include:

1. Full discussion of the 2-tiered Licensing proposal by SEAOC which urges
other SEA chapters to unite with NCSEA for support of a national testing
standard compliant with the NCEES exams.
2. Alternative and Proprietary Building Materials
3. Conventional vs. Full-Compliance discussions
4. Open Forum where engineers and architects (and other building industry
professionals) can post issues for discussion or debate.
5. Code Interpretation - an accumulation of threads over the last year that
deal with resolving code ambiguities through a professional consensus.
6. Professional Licensing Issues - an pro and con look at the National
Licensing Standards proposed.
7. Specifications and Notes - an unusual forum which posts contributions of
general notes and specifications from practicing professionals which can be
downloaded for use.

The last forum in the Professional site is the Structural Software Users
Forums - a discussion forum for approximately 19 popular software packages
and a general site for spreadsheet programming. Highly recommended as a
one -stop peer-2-peer forum. Vendors are invited but not required to
moderate. Mark Deardorff, SE has currently volunteered to moderate the
Spread Sheet Forum.

The final service under development is the Professional Portal which will
1. Electronic Catalogs from companies such as Simpson Strong Tie, Sweets and
much more.
3. Compact (pull down) Java menus to links for actual documents (not price
pages for ordering) including all of the current HUD documents for
Residential Housing issues, FEMA drafts, AT-2 Committee drafts posted for
review, NEHRP documents and as many "usable" online reference materials
related to structural engineering that I can find.

This is an on-going venture that will take time. The trick to success of
these services is your involvement. I have spent a great deal of time
creating these forums and believe that they can be of tremendous use to
those of you who are already inundated with real-time Listservices.

I would be remiss to mention our two very popular Listservices - the
AEC-Residential List devoted to building industry professional Discussions
on Housing AND our SE-Practice List - a list devoted to the issues related
to the business side of running a professional practice. Both of these lists
can be joined in Digest mode to minimize the number of e-mail messages to

I invite you to visit the Structuralist and participate in the professional
forums and discussions. If you have links to usable reference materials  or
have sufficient weight to encourage professional associations to make their
reference libraries available for online reference, I would be greatly
appreciated. As always, I welcome your comments at admin(--nospam--at)

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

The Structuralist is a Public, Professional and Educational website devoted
to issues on Housing. You are invited to participate or simply visit our
discussion forums at"


Our Residential Listservice is open to all professionals in the building
industry and the discussions include code compliance issues as well as
quality of construction, prescriptive vs. full compliance, present and
future code development and more. The AEC-Residential List is by
subscription (always free). To subscribe send an e-mail to one of the
following addresses:

For Full Listservice:  	aec-residential-request(--nospam--at)
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