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RE: Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing for Wood

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Check out the following: 

	1.	Evaluation, Maintenance, and Upgrading of Wood Structures, A
Guide and Commentary, ASCE, 1982.

	2.	Wood Handbook--Wood as an Engineering Material.  

	3. 	Stress wave timing nondestructive evaluation tools for
inspecting historic structures-A guide for use and interpretation. 

Documents #2 & #3 are available on line at:

To get a sample identified for species, collect and send a sample to the
Center for Wood Research according to the guidelines on:  The samples required for
species identification are very small.  Just bring a pocket knife.

You might also want to browse the web page:

Basically you need to:
1.	Identify the species (send sample)
2.	Grade the wood (visual grading per the rules of the species of
3.	Determine the existing condition.
4.	Determine the member capacity.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing for Wood
> I have a project I'm looking at proposing. A local natural history
> foundation,
> which provides outdoor classroom instruction for schoolchildren called me
> last
> week.
> Seems they have a wood observation platform which is supposed to handle
> about
> twenty people at a time, that sustained some damage a couple of years ago
> when a
> tree fell on it. The damage looks to be slight, but it does raise some
> questions
> in my mind as to the strength of the wood members.
> I have in mind to obtain some properties of the wood members, either my
> non-destructive (preferably) tests, or even destructive means.
> Does anyone have any experience with this? What sorts of tests are
> available for
> this purpose?
> Thanks for any light shed.