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RE: Short anchor bolt projection

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There is nothing wrong with this solution either.  I have also welded mild
steel anchor bolts.  

My only point was that the threaded rod is not required to be at the top of
the nut to fully develop the anchor rod.  I actually prefer some projection,
but it is not required.

Harold Sprague

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> Harold,
>      <<  I have run this calculation many times.  . . . . .  >>
> Since you appear to have experience and expertise in this matter, I would
> pose this question to you.  What would be amiss in field welding the nut
> to
> the anchor rod and welding the nut to the base plate?  It would appear to
> me
> that a weld from nut to base plate would resist shifting and shear, while
> the weld to nut and anchor rod would induce additional tension in the
> anchor
> rod due to the "upsetting" and drawing effect of the weld.
> I have done this many times as a field expedient to mis-set anchors, but
> have never really thought about the consequences untill this question came
> up.  Of course, I realize that this particular question poses damage to
> the
> galvanized coating on the anchors, but that is easily repaired.
> Jimmy  C.......(hisself)