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Re: Short anchor bolt projection

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     <<  plug welding a less-than-fully-threaded nut to an anchor rod is not
Charlie Carter points out that there is no test data published regarding
this method, there is no prequalified welding procedure, and it is not clear
what filler metal to use for A563 nut material.  >>

Who said anything about a plug weld?  I had in mind a fillet weld around the
perimeter of your 1" anchor rod.  As far as filler metal and type of rod, I
would use a 1/8" E7018 if it were on my job.  As I understand it you have
"an" anchor rod to fret with.  "An" meaning, to me, "one".  Gawd, I hope you
never have a big problem on a job.  :-)

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)