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RE: Short anchor bolt projection

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Jimmy  C, thanks for your comments, but I'm still unclear as to your intent:

> Who said anything about a plug weld? ...
> I had in mind a fillet weld around the perimeter of your 1" anchor rod.  

Guess I misunderstood what you wrote: "field welding the nut to the anchor 
rod ..."? Are you referring to a fillet weld between the anchor rod and the 
nut within the recess? While technically different than a "plug weld" the 
results seem similar to me - won't a plug weld attach to the perimeter of 
the nut similar to a fillet weld? 

Or do you mean to weld the anchor rod directly to the base plate, across the

1/8" oversized hole?  

> As I understand it you have "an" anchor rod to fret with.  "An" meaning, 
> to me, "one".  

Actually I have 4 anchor bolts each at 2 column foundations. The anchor
were set correctly, but a connection redesign and field modification at the
of the column requires us to make up 3/4" somewhere - so we want to add 3/4"

grout below the base plate. The contractor wants a "quick" solution, i.e.
to start erection (the steel is allude on site).