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RE: Engineers using NAFTA Labor

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I support your comment that any engineer may come to US and become a part of
our economy and society.

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I support your effort in seeking international help.  I have done this two
years ago when I recruted an engineer from Canada.  It worked well except I
lost the engineer to the competition.  I can think of other countries where
the engineering talent is abundent but the people need the opportunity.  I
would even support the idea more when you can have the engineers come and
establish roots in this country so they can be part of the economic growth.
 Professionals drive the economic market because of the services they need.
 The car mechanic, the hardware store, the cleaners, the food market,
etc,etc.  There are many engineers who would welcome the opportunity to
come and work in the United States just to have the opportunity.  That's my
.02 cents.  
Good luck
Samir Ghosn, P.E
Harris & Associates
At 12:28 PM 10/9/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I know this one is going to cause a lot of Spamming and hot debate, but it
>is still worth the discussion. First, I will go on record that I originally
>defended protectionism in this country and was against the NAFTA provisions
>for fear of losing work to cheap labor outside the US. Now I find that in
>order to protect my own practice, I may have to change my position on NAFTA
>in order to keep my doors open and compete with firms that have the
>financial resources to do larger projects (tract developments) using both
>engineering and drafting labor from outside the US. To compete, I may have
>to hire trained help outside the US in order to compete.
>One major problem is that I am in a small area where trained employees with
>engineering and design/drafting experience is not available. To go out side
>the area but still remain in the US, I can not hire without seriously
>affecting my income and profit margin - forcing me to market work so as to
>afford to employ labor.
>Both parties in the US are backing the global economic markets and neither
>are doing anything to prevent the growth of International coordination or
>partnering. I know find that I must reconsider the necessities to compete
>against more competitive labor by participating as chief engineer or record
>but having the work done to my standards outside the US.
>I would like to hear arguments from others who are feeling the pressure to
>compete in the residential housing and low rise building design business by
>consideration of lower cost labor from outside the US. I am not judging
>based on ability as foreign engineers would be trained to the provisions of
>the current building code and the forthcoming International building code.
>It is a question of economics - labor rates - assuming all else is equal.
>I would appreciate your comments on this matter.
>Dennis S. Wish, PE
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