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Re: Short anchor bolt projection

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     <<  Are you referring to a fillet weld between the anchor rod and the
nut within the recess?>>

Exactly, I know of no code provision that would disallow this.  It's just a
Valium to make everybody sleep better at night anyway.  As William said, the
fix adds nothing to the strength of anything as the HH nut will develop the
rod without full thread.

Now that I understand better the problem, let me be so bold as to suggest
another solution.  If the thread length of the anchor rods allow, you can
chip around the perimeter of the anchor rod and install a coupling nut.  A
1" coupling nut is 2 3/4" long and measures 1 3/8" across the flats and will
more than develop the anchor rod.  When you cut the anchor rod at the
threads be sure and run a hex thread chasing die past the cut point where
you can get good clean threads to install the coupling nut.  All this sounds
like a lot of sugar for a nickel, but one worker can do the entire operation
at the rate of 30 minutes a rod.  The welding solution will be quicker, but
the coupling nut is a "hidden" solution.

Good luck.

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)