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RE: staad pro 2000, modulus of subgrade reaction, etc.

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> To model a compression-only spring is a piece of cake. IFAS can model more
> than 2-million types of structural supports. Not only compression (or
> tension)-only spring, the reaction direction of the rotational spring can
> be also confined.
> For supports with initial settlement, the reaction direction also can be
> confined in IFAS.
> For inclined supports that can move along a line or on a plane, the
> direction of reaction (component) can be confined, too.
> WD
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> Subject: 	staad pro 2000, modulus of subgrade reaction, etc.
> In other words, if one has a spread footing with lateral forces and
> overturning moments, there can be an occasion where some of the footing
> has
> zero bearing pressure; STAADPro cannot distinguish this and instead allows
> the spring to react in tension instead of releasing the spring from it's
> reaction.  Other programs on the market can perform what STAADPro
> apparently
> cannot.  One of these is RISA3D.
> RISA3D allows one to assign support nodes as compression-only springs.  If
> the spring encounters tension during the analysis, the spring is released.
> Just my thoughts on this subject.....