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Re: UBC Section 2213.51

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The UBC section you allude to only applies to columns.  The member sizes
you reference appear to be beams.

I don't recall having to bump up the size of a column so much because of
this code provision.  Are you aware that this is a strength expression
and you need to factor your column load capacity by 1.7.

Since it is the nailer transferring the shear to the frame, don't
understand how the nailer capacity can be less than the design shear.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA

Mark Baker wrote:
> The load combinations of section 2213.51 are increasing the size of my
> ASD OMRF members from W12x35 to W16x57.
> This frame is located at the end of a 65' x 40' structure, wood framed
> with diaphragm @ 26' above fin. flr. The frame is also receiving load
> from a 26' x 40' open canopy, wood framed.
> Section 2213.51 states the exception  "Axial load combination need not
> exceed max. force that can be transferred to the column by elements of
> the structure......".
> I interpret this to mean I can design the nailer/beam connection (for
> example) for the applied lateral load (no more, no less) and proceed
> with only meeting load combinations of 1612.3.
> If this is true, under what circumstances does one not "cheat the
> code" by taking this exception and instead design for the load
> combinations of 2213.51?
> Regards,
> Mark