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RE: Engineers using NAFTA Labor

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This partly true,

I think people give computers too much credit.  Don't get me wrong, I think
computers are great and can be used to simplify our jobs.  Similar to what I
have been telling many drafters, computers are just a tool, but computers
will never replace what we do.  A computer is just the next generation of
calculators, similar to the change from slide-rules to HP calculators.
Intuition of engineers can never be replaced by a machine.  If people start
relying too much on computers to do their job, I think the quality of work
will go down.  I see this now with drafting, I think the quality of drawings
are going down because people are not looking at drawings closely anymore.
Once again I need to stress my opinion that computers should just be used
and seen as a tool not as a replacement.

My 2 cents worth

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"It is only a matter of time until they build computers that are able to
automate much of what we do."

We're only really in trouble when they let a computer stamp drawings and
make job site visits.  I don't expect to see that in our life times.  In a
Simpsons episode a few years ago the head of a military school was
addressing his recent graduates and told them that the wars of the future
would be fought in space, by robots... their job would be to build and
maintain those robots.  I suspect the we will find our jobs headed in that
direction - to run the software that we use to design buildings and to
verify the results.  Since more and more design software is capable of
giving its output in .dxf file form, I suspect that structural drafters need
to be more worried over the next couple of decades than we do.  

Paul Crocker