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Re: Engineers using NAFTA Labor

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There are actually two issues here - 1) Using labor outside the US and 2)
Providing labor with visa to enter the US to perform work (H-1B).
I can see the benefit to the second option as it does exactly what you
promote, however, there is concern that using outside labor to artificially
keep the labor rate low does more harm than good.
I received an email from a gentleman at UC-Davis who testified at a Senate
Sub-committee hearing on H-1B. The gist was that work done outside the US
left too many problems with timing, communication of complicated ideas and
more - enough to have large companies such as Microsoft and Symantec give up
the idea of sending work outside the US.

The Link to review is:
The arguments made in the Web page he refers to are rebutted in detail
in Sections 9.4 and 9.5 of my "Debunking the Myth of a Desperate
Software Labor Shortage" paper,

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I support your effort in seeking international help.  I have done this two
years ago when I recruted an engineer from Canada.  It worked well except I
lost the engineer to the competition.  I can think of other countries where
the engineering talent is abundent but the people need the opportunity.  I
would even support the idea more when you can have the engineers come and
establish roots in this country so they can be part of the economic growth.
 Professionals drive the economic market because of the services they need.
 The car mechanic, the hardware store, the cleaners, the food market,
etc,etc.  There are many engineers who would welcome the opportunity to
come and work in the United States just to have the opportunity.  That's my
.02 cents.
Good luck
Samir Ghosn, P.E
Harris & Associates