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NAFTA and Licensing Questions

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I am in need of some information rather quickly. If you can help lead me in
the right direction, please write me directly at dennis.wish(--nospam--at) since I
am currently subscribed to the SEAINT List in digest mode and will not
receive the information until tonight.


It is my understanding that NAFTA provides (through the H-1B law) a
temporary visa to skilled workers from other countries. It is also my
understanding that engineers not trained in the US can not obtain a license
here unless they satisfy the education and experience requirements in the
state they wish to be licensed AND complete appropriate apprenticeship AND
pass the exam in the state where the experience is obtained. In other words
they can work in the US as skilled labor but are not considered engineers in
responsible charge until they satisfy the state licensing requirements.

Can someone provide me with a link to the state requirements (for
California) for professional licensing that discusses this issue?

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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