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Re: Definition of Responsible Charge and E& O Insurance

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I'll answer your last questions first...I believe that you should be able
to find the information that you require at the following web page:

Also of interest might be NCEES' page that lists info for all the various
state boards:

With regard to your first question, I can answer in generalities (or at
least with what I recall about Illinois and Michigan licensure laws), but
I can't speak to California's requirements.  In general, most states
require that a certain percentage of the "ownership" and/or "leadership"
be licensed.  For example in Michigan, 2/3 of the pricipals must be
licensed.  Note that for an A/E firm that means that the 2/3 number
includes architectural and engineering licenses.  In Illinois, it appears
that there is no requirement for the number of pricipal that must be
licensed, but then I don't have the full licensure act document...just a
summary booklet.  It does list some requirements such as the licensed
design professional in "responsible charge" at each location must be
listed with the state to allow the firm to be "registered".

I don't have any answers for your other questions.

Hope that helps,


On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> I would appreciate responses to this question sent to me privately only
> because I am subscribed in digest form and would not normally receive a
> response until tonight. My direct address is dennis.wish(--nospam--at)
> Question:
> Can a firm which advertises and provides structural engineering services be
> own by non-professionals who hire an engineer to act in responsible charge?
> OR, must the principle in the business be a licensed engineer or architect?
> Will an insurance company providing E&O insurance cover a firm where the
> principle is not an engineer or architect?
> Does the laws prohibiting Plan Stamping apply to Architects who review and
> stamp engineering drawings and designs done by others?
> Where might I find specific information that clearly explains the guidelines
> in California?
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
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> AEC-Residential Listservice
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