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RE: English 101

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||Did you have to cheat?

Of course I cheated! Who could have checked my work:o)?

We all know by now (with the recent thread on licensing) that we SEs don't know anything (but they are merely good test takers).

||This is a cheap shot with reference to your "It was the only
||question I missed :o(."
||Do not take this the wrong way. It is only a joke.
||If you refer to "Dictionary of Civil Engineering" by John S.
||Scott you will find on page 21 that the definition for
||aseismic design is "Structural design to withstand earthquakes."

Damn! Are you sure Mr. Scott is not wrong?

At I found a definition of "aseismic ridges" in oceans:

Aseismic ridges

In some oceans the basin floors are crossed by long, linear and mountainous aseismic ridges. The term aseismic distinguishes these ridges from oceanic spreading centres because the former lack earthquakes. Most aseismic ridges are constructed by volcanism from a hot spot and are composed of coalescing volcanoes of various sizes. A hot spot is a magma-generating centre fixed in the Earth's deep mantle and leaves a trail of volcanic outpourings on the seafloor as an oceanic plate travels over it. This form of volcanism is not associated with the volcanism at spreading centres and is distinct from it chemically in that the magma extruded onto the surface has a higher alkali composition. (For additional information on hot spots, see volcano: Volcanism and tectonic activity: Intraplate volcanism.)

The above definition implies that "aseismic" refers to design "not seismic"
I found another article on "Aseismic Creep along the San Andreas" which referred to earth movement not related to seismic activity (at least that's what I got out of it).

I guess this issue isn't "atypical" (which means "not typical" in my Webster's).
I'm soooo confused.


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