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RE: English 101

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Of course you are right, Fred. Unfortunately you answered the wrong
question. It was not whether there would be a better word than "aseismic".

The question to you Fred is do you understand the word "aseismic" to mean
"seismic" or "non-seismic"?

I think I got all my "e"s, "i"s, "s"es and "m"s correct in this and my
previous post. If not, pardon me and please try to wade through the trivial
(for a change) and stay on point. O.K.?


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||"Antiseismic" could be more readily understood than
||"aseismic" which can be
||ambiguous.  "Antiseismic" is a common term in Europe and
||Asia, particularly
||Many if not most of the general public don't know what the
||word "seismic"
||means - even in California. If they have an inclination of
||what it means,
||few know how to spell it. So if you can, its best  to stick
||to the term
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