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California Prop 35

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A Critical Issue for Design Professionals and the Citizens of California Proposition 35 is About Choice

What it is: Proposition 35 will be a change to the California State Constitution - it will simply give state and local governments the flexibility to retain private sector engineers and architects.

A Yes Vote on Proposition 35 Means:

Local Communities, Schools, Hospitals, Towns, Cities, Counties,
Get to Choose Engineers, Architects and Contractors for Schools,
Transportation and Water Projects.

A No Vote Means:
No Choice

Government Bureaucracy Gets Even Larger
More Time to Wait for Needed Projects
More Tax Dollars to Pay Salaries and Rent
Spend More $$ for Your Community Projects

We Need Your Help to Get Out The Yes Vote

First, be sure all employees of your firm, not just engineers, are aware of the importance of voting for 35. Urge them to go to the polls or get an absentee ballot and vote Yes.

To E-mail a Friend or Colleague About 35 Go To

To send a yes on Prop. 35 Card to a friend or colleague go to

For More General Information Visit the Campaign Web Site at