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Re: English 101

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1.  The prefix "a" generally denotes a connotation of "not", and would
be intuited as such (ooooo...big words...must have fallen into academic
mode) by the typical reader with a typical understanding of contemporary
English language structure.  Defining "aseismic" to mean "applications
for seismic conditions" would be an atypical application of the prefix.

2.  "aseismic  [GEOPHYS]  Not subject to the occurence or destructive
effects of earthquakes."    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and
Technology Terms, 4th Edition, 1989.

3.  I thought all P.E.'s "are just good at taking tests" and aren't
better than "real" engineers in the field. <grin>  Are SE's more or less

Bart Kemper, PE (mechanical flavor)
Baton Rouge, LA  (an aseismic area, but plenty of hurricanes)