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Re: English 101

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not like any more opinions are needed here, but here's mine anyway.
take it for what it's worth.

I have heard the term used repeatedly and it seems to mean two 
different things to engineers and seismologists/earthquake 
geologists.  My interpretation of the meanings:

aseismic - (1) term used by seismologists to refer to geologic 
		structures and regions *not* subject to seismic 

	   (2) term used by textbook and specification authors 
		to describe design methods and performance 
		specifications for structures intended to be
		resistant to seismic loading

assumed etymology: 
regional glottalization of the word "geologic" in the sentence: 

A [geologic] structure not subject to seismic loads is aseismic.

with the verbial phrase "to be subject to" interpreted to mean 
"to be subject to failure"


(tongue firmly in cheek)
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