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Re: Engineers using NAFTA Labor

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        As the instigator of the last riot, let me add another point.
Whether you are in Pakistan or the US, you must have noticed how the
breed of structural engineers is decreasing in number and quality.  Even
people with ten years experience are retraining as IT professionals.  I
think its time we stuck together, globally, to make our profession more
competitive and retain the best people.  Any work transferred overseas
increases our competitiveness as a whole and helps us ride the trough
when there's a slump in any one market.

        Some local supervision will always be required.  I'd hate to be
EOR on a foreign project untill such time as the technology advances to
a level where I can watch on my screen, live, as the concrete is being
poured.  Below that, we can delegate.  The degree of delegation will
always depend on the level of confidence we have on an individual, and
of course final drawings will always have to be checked by whoever is
sealing them.

         Global Market is not a political issue.  Its a technological
issue.  The quicker we adapt to the new reality, the better it is going
to be in the long run for all of us.  I hope that this time round, we
will get some serious responses on how to handle the safety and quality
issues, instead of needless chest thumping.

Syed A Masroor, PhD
Consulting Structural Engineer.