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RE: SE-I and SE-II

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I didn't want to get involved with this thread, but...

Nor am I an attorney, but....

It makes sense to me that a local jurisdiction cannot permit a LESS
stringent criteria than state law, but I can see where a local jurisdiction
can enforce a MORE stringent criteria. This happens all the time (state laws
are more stringent than federal laws, etc.).

And, of course, the case in reference is the restriction of the design of
structural portions of buildings over 160 feet in Los Angeles, at least at
one time, had to be designed by a structural engineer. I'm not sure if this
is still the case.

Now, if we were to get into "opinions", mine would be centered around the
criteria for those doing structural design in seismic (that's "e" before "i"
and "s" before "m", Fred) zone 4. As most of us here on the West Coast
already know, it's appalling to think that a graduate with a B.S.C.E. degree
and two years experience who has passed their Civil Engineering exam can
stamp and sign just about any structural drawing in the state of California
(sans schools, hospitals and the aforementioned buildings over 160 feet in
L.A.). Architects (with or without a college degree, much less one in
engineering), too. But I've been on THAT soapbox far too long and I realize
things (like this) are not going to change unless we keep making the code
more and more complicated (keeping the architects out) and attorneys making
litigation much more likely (keeping the juniors and moonlighters out).
Hmmm...what a thought. Maybe the 1997 UBC isn't so bad afterall :o).

My two cents,

Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
Consulting Structural Engineers
Laguna Niguel, CA
V (949) 365-5696
F (949) 249-2297

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||And, in the opinion of at least one BORPELS staffer, local
||jurisdictions can
||not over ride state law.
||Bill Cain  SE
||Oakland CA
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||	It was stated:
||	>>>He also said "the status Q will be maintained" i.e.
||if you are a
||	PE and
||	you were  allowed to design buildings of  up to 160
||feet when you
||got your
||	PE 10 years ago this new system will not affect you.<<<
||	It should be noted that there is nothing in state law
||that prevents
||a Civil
||	Engineer from designing the tallest building in California.
||	Mark Gilligan