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RE: SE-I and SE-II

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A lower jurisdiction cannot make a law less restrictive.  It can, however,
make it more restrictive.  Restrictive is a relative term, it really means
that the lower jurisdiction must continue in the same direction as the
higher authority.  For example, regarding ADA, state and local laws cannot
change the minimum turning circle in a bathroom from 5' to 4'.  They can,
however, increase it from 5' to say 7'.  And, yes, their are situations
where the rule has such a tight upper and lower bound that the lower
jurisdiction cannot alter it, e.g., handrails are 42"ABL period, no changes.

- Bill Cain wrote:
>And, in the opinion of at least one BORPELS staffer, local jurisdictions
>not over ride state law.

On a side note:  I wonder how they are going to "grandfather" licenses?