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Anchor Rods for Friction Connection

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As a "newby" to this forum, please take it easy on me.....

I am in the process of specifying ASTM A449 or ASTM F1554 (Gr 105) anchor rods to connect a slotted angle base (for a large electrical transformer) to an isolated concrete pad in a Seismic Zone 4 location.  I have currently specified A563 Grade DH heavy hex nuts, F436 Grade 1 washers, with the surface condition of the bolted parts as "Class D", and a requirement to be in compliance with AISC "Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts" for ASTM A325N bolts as it relates to the friction connection.  I have also included the "turn-of-nut" method for proper bolt torque, along with a requirement that anchor rods be locked with a "Palnut" locknut, which "shall be installed by tightening 1/3 to ½ turn after the smooth side is seated finger-tight againast the hex nut".  

I would appreciate any input or recommendations that you may have to improve this specification.


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