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RE: English 101

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Sooo...does that mean that they were wrong, too?

Just wondering. Just because someone says something (or prints something)
doesn't make it right.


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||Subject: Re: English 101
||I have attended a training entitled "Aseismic Design and
||Construction of
||Structures" sponsored by the Asian Institute of Technology
||and they talked
||about seismic analysis, design  and investigation of
||structures. Thanks.
||Celso O. Mendoza, P.Eng.
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||Subject: RE: English 101
||> FWIW
||> Wordsmithing aside, I am enrolled in the UC Berkeley
||Extension course
||> "Seismic Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures" which is
||being taught
||> a Degenkolb designer. One of our primary textbooks is
||"Seismic Design of
||> Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings" by Paulay and
||Priestly. So the
||> instructor, who works for the quizmaster, tells us this
||text is akin to
||> Bible of seismic design. [akin, adj.& adv., 1. Of the same
||kin; related by
||> blood 2. Of the same nature or qualities.]
||> I vote that aseismic is atypical.
||> Brent R. Koch, P.E. not aS.E.
||> Livermore, CA