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RE: Posting in foreign languages

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I agree...this is SEAINT isn't it?  Last time I checked international was
somewhere in there if I'm not mistaken.

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Subject: RE: Posting in foreign languages

I have no problem with the other than English postings.  It reminds me that
there are other places left in the world.  (I can not read Spanish.)  If a
forum is open to all, then all will be involved.  Cut out part of the world
and miss out on what is going on elsewhere.  Also read the posts on
exporting labor, importing labor.  That is where the world is going and to a
great degree is now.  Shutting the changes out puts one in a position of
ignorance.  The question will become mute in a hundred years or so anyway.
It is projected that there will only be three languages left, English,
Spanish, and Cantonese, and three places to eat out, McDonalds, Del Taco,
and Panda Panda.  Too bad.

George Richards, PEng.