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RE: Lateral Framing Systems seminar

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I think Charlie's point was that his view might be considered as biased,
and as a result most people might discount it anyway.

With regard to the original post, while I haven't attend the seminar,
someone from my company did.  From talking with him and reviewing the
seminar notes, it would appear that the seminar would be worth the money.
This is especially true with the new IBC code fast approaching adoption in
many areas (a little birdie told me that Michigan will adopt the code in
early 2001...this will only affect state funded projects since the state
adopted code is currently not mandated for all jurisdictions in the
state).  With the IBC code, a lot more areas in the US are going to be
subject to the equivalent of "Zone 3" seismic detailing.

The only rather valuable item from the seminar is with regards to OMF in
steel.  The R value for OMF in steel in the BOCA code is either 4 or 4.5
(can't quite remember off the top of my head).  The latest research that
is a result of the Northridge earthquake has let to some minimum ductile
detailing requirement for OMF connections.  Based upon that research,
there are now "pre-approved" OMF connection details for use in OMF.  These
details vary some from what is commonly used here is "non-seismic" land.
As a result, if one wishes to continue to use the "non-approved" OMF
connections then an R value of 3 should be used, then the minimal ductile
detailing requirements need not be meant.

I am sure that there are other useful items contained with the seminar.
In particular, this seminar is probably the closest that you will get to a
seminar that covers the 1997 AISC seismic provisions (with 1999
amendment).  Since these provisions will be a part of the 2000 IBC, it
certainly could be a useful seminar.

Hope that helps.


On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Khosrownia, Ghassem SPK wrote:

> Charlie, no offense, but if you are family shouldn't you know first hand?
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> Subject: RE: Lateral Framing Systems seminar
> I can't answer this question since I'm "family", as they say. But I would
> like to have the benefit of any feedback anyone has to offer on this
> subject. Public or responses, positive reviews or constructive criticisms,
> please include me in the distribution. That's a key way we determine how to
> improve for our future programs.
> Thanks in advance. 
> Charlie 
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> Subject: Lateral Framing Systems seminar 
> Has anyone attended the "Lateral Framing Systems East of the Rockies" 
> seminar sponsored by AISC?  Did you find it beneficial even if you were 
> very experienced in steel frame design?  I have only limited experience 
> with steel systems, but find myself doing more steel design lately. 
> Would you recommend the course?  Thanks in advance for any comments. 
> Albert J. Meyer, Jr., P.E. 
> Martin-Espenlaub Engineering 
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