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Use of foreign engineers

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I'm fascinated by the possibility (likelyhood) of "Global Engineering", that
is the use of lower cost foreign engineers for work in the U.S.  I think
such engineering must be lead by a U.S. Engineer of Record (USEOR) who must
maintain total control and responsibility for the work.  The USEOR must have
direct supervision of the foreign engineer (FE).  This relationship must be
similar to that of a junior engineer working for a senior engineer.  The FE
must understand that he works under the USEOR and that the USEOR's decisions
are absolute.  It is the roll of the FE to expend the number crunching hours
typically required in engineering.  
Engineering calculations by the FE must be clear, explicit, and readily
understandable to the USEOR.  The calulations must equial those that the
USEOR would prepare by himself.  It would even be appropriate for the USEOR
to state the various code sections that the FE's calculations must show
compliance with.  
Maitaining this control means e-mailing a lot of documents back and forth.
Calculations and sketches are frequently prepared by hand and the USEOR and
the FE would have to use compatable scanning systems.  Also, the USEOR and
the FE would have to use compatable computer programs and cad systems.