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RE: Posting in foreign languages

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I guess the International portion of SEAInt confuses them. :) If we call
ourselves an International organization maybe we should expect some other
languages to be spoken. OTOH, they are not likely to get an answer if the
question/comment is not in English.  I view them primarily like I view the
other topics in which I'm not interested; they get deleted.

Couple of suggestions/points:
1) Visit the Babel Fish at http:\\ It is a FREE webbased
translator of all of the European languages.  They are in the process of
adding non-Romance and non-Germanic languages but because of the different
character sets, must first create input methods.
2) English is one of the international languages of business.
3) English is THE international language of technical exchange.
4) I think that someone's question is much more likely to answered if it is

I'm writing specifications today so forgive the "bullet point" paragraph.

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering